Planes, Flight Attendants, & Windmills: Which Bachelor Premiere Gimmick Needs To Go First?

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Folks, we regret to inform you that The Bachelor has taken flight with every plane pun and windmill reference possible for Peter Weber's season. In case you didn't know, Peter is a pilot, and the show had so much fun with that fact. He also had sex in a windmill on The Bachelorette, which is another fact the show is touting at every turn. 
The series is not really even ashamed of the countless puns, either. During a video where host Chris Harrison introduced the contestants, he fessed right up to the strategy this year. "I'm being told that we're going to beat those jokes to death," he said. "We will going to drive them into the ground in true Bachelor fashion." Hey, at least they're being up front about it.
By the time the rose ceremony rolled around during the premiere countless plane and windmill references had been made — and a ton of flight attendants showed up to compete for Peter's heart. Everyone involved here knows that being a pilot and having sex in a windmill isn't the same as having a personality, right? There's gotta be more to Peter than aviation and large, four-bladed structures. You wouldn't know it based on these gimmicks, though.

How Many Flight Attendants Are Actually On Peter's Season?

Peter is searching for his co-pilot, and who better to be by his side than someone who already knows the friendly skies? That must be what these three flight attendants were thinking when they signed up for the series.
Jade is a flight attendant for Allegiant Air. Despite her job, her Bachelor bio says she's afraid of heights. However, she's not letting that stop her from living her high-flying dreams. Her bio even says she's currently working on getting her pilot's license. 
Eunice showed up wearing angel wings, telling Peter that as a flight attendant, she just wanted to "wing it" with her limo arrival. Currently Eunice works for United and she recently relocated to San Francisco to work flights heading out of the San Francisco International Airport.
Megan arrived at the mansion with a loudspeaker. "Welcome to Flight 143 with direct service to Peter's heart," she said. She's had practice using that loudspeaker as a flight attendant for United, and she actually knows Eunice from work, according to what Harrison said in his contestant video introduction.
The one Windmill costume was tame in comparison to how many flight attendants taxied in to the mansion gate. Deandra dressed as the now infamous Fantasy Suite date structure and asked Peter if he was ready for round five — having already had four rounds with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. 

All The Airplane References On The Bachelor Premiere

 The flight attendants didn't make the only plane puns of the night. Far, far from it. The show actually opened with a shot of Peter getting into an airplane and flying it around. Later, he dramatically strutted through an airport in his pilot's uniform taking photos with fans, one of whom joked that he should just pick her right then. He laughed and added that he didn't even need to go look for his co-pilot now that he'd found her. This is just one of roughly 100 references to Peter finding his co-pilot, so fasten your seatbelts.
Harrison's "coming up next" segments also included flight jokes. "The dramatic three hour premiere takes off right now," he said to open the episode. Later he added, "Put your tray tables up, your seats in the upright position, because Peter's romantic journey takes flight."
Of course, Harrison's jokes had nothing on all of the contestants' own aviation references. When the first limo rolled up to the mansion, one contestant announced, "Cheers to Peter and finding our co-pilot." Eunice the flight attendant stepped out bedecked in angel wings. Peter responded, "Love the wings. I'm looking for my co-pilot so…" And Eunice later added that she was on the show for the "flight reasons." Go ahead, you're allowed to groan.
Even the non-flight attendant contestants pulled out all the plane stops. Madison arrived in a paper airplane, which she and Peter later took turns throwing around the mansion. "Cleared for takeoff," Peter joked before a throw. Later, to "steal Peter for a sec," McKenna tossed small paper airplanes at him and Natasha. To get back at McKenna, Natasha rounded up Madison's giant paper airplane and handed it to Peter for him to use to "fly away" from McKenna.
And we're still not done.
Other limo entrances involving flight references included Tammy doing a TSA check on Peter for a "large package," Shiann giving him a barf bag to deal with any "nauseating conversations," Courtney taxiing in on a tiny airplane meant for children and shouting, "Hopefully I don't hit any turbulence on my way up!" to which Peter responded, "Hey, smooth skies ahead." Kiarra showed up in a suitcase, proudly exclaiming that she'd made it to her final destination. And even Peter's ex Hannah Brown had a plane reference for him. She showed up on night one to give him back his golden wing pin that he'd given her on The Bachelorette.
There were also two "mile high club" references, with Courtney saying she was aiming to join the club and Kelley's brother joking that they needed to ask Peter if he'd already joined it. Additionally, Hannah Ann daydreamed about having Peter choose her immediately saying, "Let's just forget about all this. Let's fly away." And Tammy was convinced that Peter was her man because he's a pilot and she's "a jetsetter."
Peter was just as bad as the contestants, also jumping on all the plane puns he could land. "Welcome aboard," he said when he first joined the women in the mansion. He later added in a confessional, "This really is the craziest flight of my life. Maybe we'll expect some turbulence along the way, [but] I'm at the controls and I've just gotta find my co-pilot and I'll be sailing off into the sunset."

All The Windmill References On The Bachelor Premiere

The windmill jokes were not quite as frequent as the plane ones, but there were still plenty. And probably too many.
Payton walked up to meet Peter by incredulously saying, "Four times?!" Jasmine showed off her ability to speak another language by telling Peter in that language, "I heard you did it four times in a windmill." Kylie brought a ton of condoms so they could break the record of four. Another contestant added, "Four times, like let's make it 10!" Someone also made Peter play putt putt golf where he had to hit the ball into the windmill. He took it in stride. "This looks like a famous structure that I quite admire," he joked. And at one point all of the women started chanting, "Not once, not twice, not three, but four!"
The jokes didn't end there, though. Later in the episode, Hannah hosts a date where the women have to share personal sex stories — and obviously, she's gonna talk about the windmill. Also the first group date is attending flight school, so there's another 100 plane jokes right there. And it's only night one, people.
To be honest, we'd prefer the aviation puns to stop first, just because there have already been so many of them. But Peter seems to want the windmill ones to cease. In an interview with People, he said, "My private life is my private life is my private life and I don’t like that it defines me." He added, "I know people have had fun with it and I guess it's a good thing that I've been laid-back and easygoing about it. But there's so much more to me than just a windmill. And I'm ready for that to be left in the past." 
If Peter had to choose, it seems he'd rather the jokes about his career than his passion in the bedroom. So perhaps those windmill references will get grounded for good.
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