Michelle Obama Thinks We Can Come Back From A Trump Impeachment

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama — forever First Lady in our hearts — has an optimistic outlook for the United States. And with everything going on, we could certainly use the high spirits. In an interview with Today, Obama said she believes the country can make it through the “surreal” impeachment proceedings and the country’s current toxic political climate.
Obama cited a list of relatively recent obstacles and historically significant tragedies including economic depressions, racial segregation, wars, and terrorism the United States has experienced in the past century. But none of this hinders her belief that the country has a bright future — she thinks the U.S. has always come out the other side stronger than it was before. 
“And that's what we have to continue to believe because what's our choice? To ball up in a corner and call it a day?” she told Today. She passionately reminded people that we need to be forward thinking in our goals and this nation’s actions in the impeachment proceedings isn’t just about citizens witnessing it first hand. “That's not fair to this next generation that's coming before us that are counting on us to get this right.”
As impeachment proceedings press on, the government continues in  dividing even further. In a historically unprecedented move, the White House announced that it would not be supporting or participating in the House impeachment proceedings. White House counsel issued a sharply worded letter saying that Democrats have “wasted enough of America’s time with this charade.”
House Republicans requested testimony from at least eight people that were a part of the president’s defense, including the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint initiated the impeachment inquiry. As of last week, the Judiciary Committee is leading its own investigation. This brings the total number of committees investigating Trump adds up to six, all of which will present their findings to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make the call.
Still, Obama’s compassionate positivity is infectious — and reminds us why she was such a beloved first lady. Perhaps even in an overused turn-of-phrase, Obama’s words are, dare we say, presidential. We know she said she doesn’t intend to run for president — she said her ambitions were to serve the public in an “unbiased way,” according to CNN.
But with the constant stream of new presidential candidates entering the 2020 Democratic race (sometimes by the minute), it’s easy to fantasize about seeing another Obama in the White House (especially when she’s talking hope and future).
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