Is Netflix Expecting A Fourth Christmas Prince Next Year?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Two years ago, Netflix swept us off our feet with the cheesy, Hallmark-style holiday film we didn't know we needed. A Christmas Prince scratched our itch for a new festive film to add to our watchlists. Sure, it's a bit schmaltzy, but isn't that what the holidays are all about? 
Not only did Netflix anticipate our need for A Christmas Prince, it was ahead of the game yet again when it brought us not one but two sequels, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding in 2018 and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby on December 5 to kick off this year's holiday season. The plot of each new Christmas Prince movie is as far-fetched as it is nonsensical and we enjoy every minute of it. 
With each succeeding film, fans didn't necessarily expect another, but now, it's become a new holiday tradition. Now, in the perennially perfect words of the reigning Christmas queen Mariah Carey, all we want for Christmas is... A Christmas Prince 4. As of right now, Netflix has not announced any plans to release another, but that won't stop anyone, including the Christmas Prince cast, from fantasizing about another installment.
"A positive story about how we’re able to overcome a slump in a marriage by asking for help. It would be great," Rose McIver, who plays Amber, mused about a potential fourth Christmas Prince movie in a recent Vulture interview. The actor even gave it a possible title when speaking to The Wrap: "I think The Royal Couple’s Counseling would be a good installment for next year."
Fans seems to be feverish over the latest installment (A Christmas Prince 3 Twitter is going off), so it's not all that unlikely Netflix will keep this Amber train rolling. The only issue is that we probably won't know the fate of a potential fourth installment for a few months.
Netflix didn't confirm the third film until March 2019 (with the tweet above), when the Royal Baby started filming. That means we could spend this holiday season (and all of awards season) emotionally preparing ourselves for the notion that this may be the last Richard and Amber adventure ever.
But let's be real, they'll be back.
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