Your Horoscope This Week

It could be easy to get lost in your fantasies on Sunday, when the Sun squares against Neptune, the planet of illusions. Use this transit’s energy to explore your creative side — make something that brings you joy or sing and dance! You don’t have to be the best, you just need to experience something new. Get together with friends on Sunday, as social Venus sextiles Neptune. This is a beautiful transit for encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zones. We’re feeling more focused on our financial goals on Wednesday when material Venus conjuncts with responsible Saturn. It’s a day that brings a sense of detachment along with it, so make time to work through your emotions in private. The Moon waxes full in thoughtful Gemini on Thursday at 12:12 a.m. EST, encouraging us to pay attention to issues that may have been previously swept under the rug. Work to find solutions and act quickly to restore harmony in your life. A wave of otherworldly sensuality washes over us on Friday as fiery Mars trines with dreamy Neptune. If you’ve been building up the courage to make the first move or deepen your relationship, this transit will help you to build your courage. Invest in your spiritual growth during this transit — center yourself as these planets complement each other. Charming Venus conjuncts powerful Pluto on Friday, further intensifying our emotions. Prioritize finding self-love over seeking approval from others. Don’t allow yourself to get jealous of friends, or become overly possessive during this transit. 

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