Melania Trump Booed By Teens In Baltimore, The City Her Husband Called A “Rodent-Infested Mess”

Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP/Shutterstock.
First lady Melania Trump was booed on Tuesday while addressing a youth summit in Baltimore, a city her husband, the President of the United States, has called “a disgusting, rat- and rodent-infested mess.” 
Melania was in the city as part of her “Be Best” anti-bullying initiative to speak to the Baltimore Youth Summit on opioid awareness. She took the stage to a mix of boos and applause from the crowd of middle and high schoolers, who became increasingly noisy as she spoke.
At one point in the beginning of her speech, she broke briefly from her prepared remarks to say, "Hello everyone," and the haunted look on her face, as she stared down hundreds of teens jeering at her, was almost enough to invoke sympathy until I remembered that she is enthusiastically complicit in her husband's agenda.
“We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse,” Mrs. Trump said in a statement released after her speech.
In addition to being owned by teens, Melania received the official White House Christmas tree on Tuesday. The White House is expected to unveil its Christmas decorations next week, which we can't wait for after last year's deliciously blood-red extravaganza. After all, it’s not Christmas until the first lady decorates the White House as a Lovecraftian nightmare scape, sure to strike even more fear into the trauma-addled hearts of all the migrant children hoping Santa reunites them with their parents.

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