The New Cats Trailer Is Filled With Purrs & Puns

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
If you thought the first Cats trailer was a fever dream and that actually this new trailer would make any sense, think again. A second trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of the cult musical is basically more of the same with an extra dash of bizarre, including Jason Derulo screaming "MILK!" and Taylor Swift shimmying her feline figure as Bumbalurina. God help us all.
Much of the trailer is spent spewing various cat puns, such as "cat got your tongue?" and "don't mess with the crazy cat lady." It does, however, get a little bit more into the premise, with Judi Dench explaining that her character Old Deuteronomy is getting read to choose the cat that deserves "a new life."
"The most deserving cat will be reborn into another life so they can be what they've always dreamed of being," Munkustrap (Robbie Fairchild) elaborates. What ensues is a dance to the death — or, rather, new life — as this blockbuster cast claws their way to victory.
Actors like James Corden and Rebel Wilson get a bit more screen time in this preview, but it's really all about Idris Elba, whose dastardly ways as Macavity are on full display, with a $100 reward slapped across his furry head.
"Going to the ball?" he asks ominously about the upcoming Jellicle Ball, the annual celebration for our feline friends. "Could get dangerous."
Still silent in this trailer? Taylor Swift, who made up for that fact late last week when she released "Beautiful Ghosts," her original song with Andrew Lloyd Webber that will appear in the upcoming film.
Unlike the last trailer's release, we're now only a month out from getting to see this magical mess in theaters. Cats arrives December 25.
Meowy Catmas, to all, and to all a good night.

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