The Disturbing Cats Trailer Is Inspiring Some Of The Best Memes

Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Images/Getty Images.
If you're like me, you weren't able to sleep last night because visions of furry human-cat creatures were prowling through your head, thanks to the new Cats trailer. The long-awaited musical adaptation starring Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba technically did what it said it was going to do. It dressed a bunch of celebrities up as CGI cats, shrank them down to scale, and made them dance around. When you see it, however, it's hard to process — but something that may help is the memes.
As soon as the trailer dropped, all anyone on the internet wanted to talk about was their questions about the movie. Why do the cats have human hands? Why are some of them wearing clothes and others not? Do they use a litter box? But tragedy plus time equals comedy, and time flies fast online; it only took a few seconds for people to start making jokes.
Some gave the trailer an entirely new soundtrack.
Or pointed out some startling details you'll never unsee.
One person made this.
But for the most part, everyone just lost their shit.
The movie itself doesn't slink onto our screens until December, which means there's still ample time for more jokes, as well as for Universal to treat (subject?) us to even more footage from the project. When it comes to the actual movie, I don't know if the internet will ever be ready.

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