An Insider Says There’s “Misinformation” In Taylor Swift & Big Machine’s Feud

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With so much back and forth, it might be hard to know what’s really going on in Taylor Swift and Big Machine’s recent feud over her music. But, one person who has talked to both Swift and her former record label is now weighing in. According to Ryan Tedder, there is a lot of “misinformation” regarding allegations that Big Machine’s founder, Scott Borchetta, and new owner, Scooter Braun, are keeping Swift from performing her classic songs at the American Music Awards, as well as a new Netflix documentary. 
“I can verify that having talked to both parties that there is misinformation,” Tedder told Rolling Stone on Saturday. Tedder did not clarify what false information is out there regarding the story, but said he was saddened to see how this is playing out in the press. That’s because the lead singer of OneRepublic is close to all three of the players in this controversy over Swift’s masters, which started after Braun’s acquisition of the record label earlier this year
Tedder, who produced tracks for Swift’s 2014 album 1989, said she “is one of the single most talented people I’ve ever worked with in my life and I absolutely want the best for her.” He also said he has known Borchetta since 2000, “when I was an intern at DreamWorks...before Big Machine was even a thought.” His kids now go to school with Braun’s kids, which makes him “way too close to all of that to have any type of accurate perspective,” he said. 
But, in the end, Tedder said, “I want nothing but the best obviously for [Taylor] and I really hope it all gets sorted out.”
In a November 14 tweet, Swift accused Borchetta and Braun of blocking her from using her pre-2019 music in the television project. She claimed that the men are “exercising tyrannical control over someone who just wants to play the music she wrote.”
Big Machine later refuted Swift’s claims that they had the power to stop her from performing her own music. “Taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist,” the record label stated. Swift hit them back with receipts, which revealed that the record label owes the singer almost $8 million in unpaid royalties.
Since her initial tweet, many have come to Swift’s defense, including her bestie Selena Gomez. “It makes me sick and extremely angry,” she wrote of Swift’s alleged predicament. “I don’t mind if there may be retaliation. This is my opinion. It’s greed, manipulation and power." Justin Bieber also weighed in with a TMZ screenshot which suggested he had sided with Braun, who is his manager.
Swift has said she plans to re-record her first five albums next year so she can gain back control of her masters.

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