Noah Centineo Needs Your Help To Shower

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
After this tweet and this speech, it would not be inappropriate to ask if Noah Centineo is Going Through It. In a word: yes! While I can't speak to the emotional state of the Charlie's Angels star, he did appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night and discussed his torn ACL, which not only required surgery, but a whole new way of life. As he recovered, the actor could barely walk, let alone take care of himself, which meant showers were few and far between. The one time he was able to manage one, it was so momentous that it warranted an Instagram post. Moving forward, however, there's still a rocky road, but Jimmy Kimmel had an idea for how the 23-year-old could cope: enlisting fans to help.
On the surface, that's not a horrible idea, because the whole experience has been rough.
"I lived on a couch," he told the host about his time at an Airbnb on the beach, which he booked to help himself recover. "And then I lived outside, which was about eight feet away."
To move around, he would grab onto the toe of the injured leg and hop. It was effective — but not effective enough for him to hop to the shower more than once every five days.
"Showering is a little more difficult," he said, but Kimmel refused to believe Centineo didn't have people lining up to help.
"Couldn't you have your many fans volunteer to come over and wash you?" he asked. For some reason, Centineo seemed hesitant.
"You know, we didn't really put that out there," he replied. "Not this time. Not this time. Maybe if I tear the other one."
And just like that, his other ACL has never been in more immediate danger.

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