Farrow & Ball Paint Was The Real Winner On SNL This Week

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
Home renovation fanatics got a treat on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which featured real-life luxury paint brand Farrow & Ball
"It's not just paint, it's Farrow & Ball,” says Beth (Aidy Bryant), an unemployed woman who splurged on the ridiculously expensive paint. She defends her purchase to her brother Tom (Beck Bennett) and sister-in-law (guest host Kristen Stewart) in the sketch. 
Farrow & Ball really does offer 132 colors — er, colours — that retail at $110 a gallon. That’s a shock to some viewers, who are Googling it today only to realize that it’s a legit brand that will happily take your Benjamins. Beth shows off her blue walls and cream trim with a hilariously drunk British accent. 
“That color on the baseboard there is Ammonite, named after the fossils on the Dorset Coast. And the walls are Lulworth Blue, named after the swirling mists of the beautiful Lulworth Cove,” she says, both of which are completely true statements according to the company’s website. Yes, you can buy that very paint, and possibly have your own incredibly awkward family fight about it!
Farrow & Ball cleary appreciated the marketing push from SNL. 
“It's true, we really do offer an unparalleled depth in 'col-our,'” the company tweeted in response to the sketch. 
All the out-of-work bartenders and aspiring estate managers, like Bryant’s character, and people who like premium paints: Farrow & Ball can change your life. No promises on if it will be for the better.
Watch the full sketch below. 

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