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As Tina Turner once asked, "What's love got to do, got to do with it?" In Amazon's new series, Modern Love, it actually has everything to do with it. Based on the famous New York Times "Modern Love" column, which also inspired a podcast of the same name, the series debuted this past Friday, and once fans recovered from the stories of heartbreak and star-crossed lovers, they all had the same burning question: What is that opening song in the credits?
While each of the eight episodes focuses on different relationships, there is one common thread throughout the series (until they all intertwine in the heartbreaking season finale): The mysterious song that, so far, is unavailable to stream or listen to.
The lyrics go like this:
"We face the music together/And throw hats in the ring/Facing all kinds of weather/And not afraid of anything."
"When the sun comes up/ We'll be on our way/And we don't care where we land."
"And the waves are high/But we don't care/Because your hand is in my hand."
"And oh, you make me feel invincible/ Because it's you and me/Throughout the wind and hail/Setting sail into the world."
How sweet, right? Well, it's driving some people insane.
In searching for a version of the song to embed in this very post, I was met with desperate pleas for the track from Reddit, Twitter, and One woman even confessed in the comments section of the latter that she had spent "a lot of hours" searching for the elusive song.
But since no one in the series stopped in their quest to find their version of true love, we did not stop in our quest to locate more information on the sweet earworm. Performed by Gary Clark, and written by John Carney, the song is called "Setting Sail," and will be available to download soon with the show's official soundtrack. Clark himself subtly revealed the news on his Twitter this past weekend.
And Amazon later confirmed the song in a tweet, along with a snippet from the opening credits.
Clark acted as music producer for the series, and previously worked with the Modern Love's Carney, who wrote, directed, and produced the series, on the 2016 film Sing Street.
Stream Amazon's Modern Love now.
This story has been updated with additional information.
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