Remember MoviePass? It Might Still Be Charging You Money

MoviePass was laid to rest in September, but if you thought your monthly charges were too, you might have to think again. Like most seemingly too-good things that don't have a catch, MoviePass turned out to have one. Or three. Remember when the subscription service changed its $15-for-two-movies-a-month plan to an "unlimited" plan that offered a movie a day for just $10 per month? As a surprise to no one, this did not last — and instead, users were hit with restrictions and price increases until the company shut down on September 14. But the New York Post reported last week that some former users are still being charged for the service.
One former user told the Post that she received two charges following the cancellation of her account: the $9.95 monthly fee and a random $5.64 charge. And many others have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints over these phantom charges on their credit cards — since there's no customer service on the now-defunct website.
In an email statement to the Post, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe denied that users have been charged following the shutdown of the service. But if you were once a MoviePass user, particularly one who used the service until the end, be sure to check your credit card statement to make sure you haven't been charged for a service you're no longer using.

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