Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 4 Recap: Ch-Ch-Changes

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The episode title of this week's Grey's Anatomy is an unfortunate joke at the expense of a man who falls out of a plane and lands on a woman. "It's Raining Men," but not so much with the "hallelujah" because the woman's injuries are so grievous that she succumbs on the operating table, which a newly-back at work Teddy (Kim Raver) takes particularly hard.
But what really takes center stage this week is Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) listicle. Apparently, Meredith sent several ideas to some website that were so fleshed out that the website published them as a giant list titled "Hospital Hell at Grey Sloane Memorial, Fired Surgeon Speaks Out." As someone who works a freelance writer online, this entire storyline smells fishy because I'm fairly certain that would never happen, but on the other hand... there are definitely some sketchy websites out there, so who knows?
Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is, of course, absolutely livid about the article, even if Meredith's words were taken 100 percent out of context and the headline is total garbage. She wasn't taking down Grey Sloane, she was commenting on the healthcare system. But it actually gives Bailey a heart attack scare — except it's not a heart attack. And I will confess that the show completely fooled me. I jumped to "menopause" immediately, which is what Bailey jumps to as well. Except it's not The Change, it's The Baby. Bailey is pregnant. Whoa.
Meredith eventually comes to the hospital to try to explain to Bailey what happened. She is truly sorry, but Bailey is still pretty angry and kicks Meredith out.
Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey McNeal/ABC.
Aside from attracting Bailey's ire, the article is also getting the attention of potential patients, one of whom refuses to be treated at GSM because he read the article. Owen (Kevin McKidd) hustles him off to Pacific Northwest, where Karev (Justin Chambers) — and a patient who is bleeding out with no one to help him — makes a huge impression on Owen. The hospital needs good doctors and Owen decides to start working there instead of going on paternity leave. 
In other fun news, Koracick (Greg Germann) lines up a heartstring-tugging surgery on a three-year-old that he tells the parents the hospital will do for free if they'll let him film every step for a news story. It's a way of getting the hospital some good press in the face of Mer's article. 
Koracick is not wrong that Grey Sloane needs some good PR, but the way he goes about it is so gross that Avery (Jesse Williams) goes behind his back to do the surgery with Amelia (Camilla Luddington) for free but without the cameras. When Koracick storms into the OR, Avery throws some serious weight around by telling Koracick that technically, Avery is his boss because he owns so much stock in Katherine's (Debbie Allen) foundation and Koracick can kick rocks. It's a pretty baller move. Avery is one of my favorite characters on this show, and after finding himself in some very boring storylines last season, he's off to an excellent start this year.
And finally, there's a brief update with the Cutest Couple in the World. After having to console the boyfriend of the plane stowaway victim, a young man who thought he might be in love with the young woman and now it's just gone, Link (Chris Carmack) goes home with Amelia and tells her he thinks he's in love with her. She doesn't say it back, but you know she feels it too.
Odds & Ends
1. I love how they keep Cristina (Sandra Oh) alive and well on the show via text messages like, "Move to Switzerland before Bailey murders you in your sleep."
2. Nurse: "The patient who escaped psych lats night? We found him."
Alex: "Somebody escaped psych last night?"
Nurse: "It's OK, security found him before he changed into scrubs."
Webber: "It's amazing what passes for good news around here."
3. The idea that doctors keep defecting to Pac North is actually pretty great. It's a creative way to keep all these characters fresh. Who else could leave to go there? What if they set an entire episode at Pac North? That would be cool.
4. The montage of the three-year-old girl's skull surgery is bonkers. It is jaw-dropping that that surgery is something people do. 

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