Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 3 Recap: Don’t Mess With Bailey

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The title of this week's Grey's Anatomy episode is "Reunited" and it definitely feels so good to see former Charmed co-stars Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano guest-starring as sisters. In fact, there were two cases of the week this week that Grey's absolutely hit out of the park, so let's discuss.
First, the sisters. Our Charmed ladies play Hayley (Milano) and Heidi (Combs) who rush to Pacific Northwest General because their third sister, Heather, has been in a terrible accident when she fell into a construction pit and sustained life-threatening head injuries. After fighting over pulling the plug versus not abandoning her, with some added emotional baggage of the fact that their mom died of cancer not that long ago, the two sisters have to say goodbye as Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) turns off Heather's life support. It's very emotional, the actresses did so well... and then when Heather's phone rings and Heidi picks up and screams because Heather is on the phone, I about jumped out of my skin.
It turns out a woman stole Heather's bag and that's the woman they just took off life support, which is a twist that is played a little bit for laughs even though it's really not funny. Haha, we just inadvertently killed someone we had no right to take off life support! But still, solid case of the week for Pac North.
Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloane, an older man named "Bertie" comes in for a heart procedure with Maggie (Kelly McCreary), while Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) simultaneously finds a confused older Korean woman wandering around the hospital looking for "bird." One intervention by Nico (Alex Landi) later — because he could interpret for the Korean woman — and it turns out Bertie and So-young met in Korea during the war over 60 years ago but missed saying goodbye to each other when it was time for Bertie to be shipped home. 
They never forgot each other, though, and when So-young looked him up online, she saw him post about his surgery and bought a plane ticket to come find him and now they can be together before the end of the lives. No, you're crying! 
Does it even matter what was going on with the doctors this week? Because the cases of the week about wrecked me.
Still, I guess we should talk about the series regulars. The Bertie/So Yung reunion causes Amelia to decide she should just go all-in with Link (Chris Carmack) and tell people about the baby, starting with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Mer is super happy for them and she definitely needs the pick-me-up after a woman who needed a complicated tumor surgery demanded that Meredith do the surgery, so Bailey (Chandra Wilson) let Meredith video conference into the OR. It's a taste of her old life that possibly leaves her feeling lonelier than she was before the video surgery observation. Poor Meredith.
Speaking of Dr. Grey, intern Qadri (Sophie Taylor Ali) decides this is the week to stand up to Bailey about how wrong she was to fire Dr. Grey and she does so in a way that makes it entirely about herself. She basically tells Bailey that she had her pick of internships and she came to Grey Sloane to work with Dr. Grey, so what gives? That goes over about as well as you think it would with Bailey, so Bailey fires Qadri. Now she has something in common with her hero.
And really, Bailey is not wrong. Maybe she could have disciplined Qadri before jumping to "you're fired," but that is a helluva thing to say to your boss — especially because Bailey is in the right. Meredith put the entire hospital in jeopardy with her insurance shenanigans; there are several ways she could have treated that little girl without opening up the hospital to criminal liability. Qadri can idolize Meredith all she wants, but let's not act like Bailey did that just to be a jerk. Firing Meredith was also not a personal affront to Qadri — it's not about you, lowly intern.
Anyway, the only other big news this week is that Teddy (Kim Raver) is going back to work and Owen (Kevin McKidd) is going to stay home with the baby. I wish they had arrived at this storyline as a conscious choice and not because of some manufactured drama where Koracick (Greg Germann) is being an unreasonable a-hole toward Owen. Seriously, the restraining order thing is ridiculous, it's putting patients in harm's way and it seems out of character for Koracick. Is this how we're all supposed to go from liking Tom to thinking Owen is the better man? This is a terrible way to do that.
But the gist is — Teddy is going crazy as a stay-at-home mom and wants back into the work field. I hope the show explores that more because moms get a lot of flack for missing their jobs and wanting professional fulfillment after just having had a baby.
Odds & Ends
1. Zola: "My teacher says hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
2. Schmitt (Jake Borelli) almost kills a guy because he loses a guidewire in his body during a central line procedure; DeLuca takes the heat from Bailey, but Schmitt takes a little heat from Nico, who adorably says they're going to practice on a simulator until Schmitt does it right 100 times. Now that's love.
3. Schmitt: "What kind of boyfriend are you?"
Nico: "The kind who doesn't want to date someone who can't do a central line."
4. Speaking of love, Dr. Webber's friend Gemma (Jasmine Guy) is now working in the Pac North billing department. Hmmm. This smells like love trouble for the Chief. But props to the show for not forgetting that older people have love lives too.
5. Meredith's pitches for her article about the healthcare field are amazing: "The Sicker You Are, The Richer We Get," "If You Die on Our Watch, We'll Still Bankrupt Your Family," and "You Could Be Dead Before Your Insurance Kicks In."

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