Meredith’s Article Is Out In This Exclusive Grey’s Anatomy Clip & It’s Gonna Be, Um, Very Bad

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If Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) ever wanted to get re-hired at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, this wasn't really the way to go about it.
The below exclusive sneak peek of the Oct. 17 Grey's Anatomy episode "It's Raining Men," reveals that Meredith's article about the shortcomings of health care has been published — and no one is going to take it very well. 
To be fair, she didn't actually write anything except a list of pitches, which the website ran with without any further context or information. The outlet also slapped a clickbait headline on the piece that read, "Hospital Hell at Grey Sloan Memorial: Fired Surgeon Speaks Out." I believe the only applicable word here is "yikes."
Running Meredith's pitches without telling her that's what they planned to do is a super unprofessional move for an online magazine to make. But whether she intended for that to happen or not, the damage has been done. Based on what viewers already know about that list of pitches, Meredith is about to make a lot of people very angry.
In the Oct. 10 episode, Meredith shared with Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) some of the sample pitches she was going to send. It was clear that she wasn't afraid to get into the real issues with insurance. One of her ideas was, "The sicker you are, the richer we get," while another was, "If you die on our watch, we'll still bankrupt your family." The third idea she shared was, "You could be dead before your insurance kicks in." DeLuca quickly pointed out, "This is not gonna earn you any friends in the medical community," but Meredith was unconcerned. "Yes, well, the medical community and I are in a fight," she said.
However, she didn't get a chance to actually explore any of her ideas and add her expertise to the issue. Instead, the website published an abbreviated version of all of her ideas with a scare tactic headline that singles out Meredith's old hospital. She was right to say at the end of the below clip, "Bailey's gonna kill me." Meredith just caused a huge headache for Grey Sloan and chief Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and it will likely just add to the reasons why Bailey won't want to hire her back if Meredith does get to keep her medical license and finishes her community service. Bailey's had it with Meredith's antics getting the hospital in trouble, and they're in deep now. 
To see the fallout from Meredith's article and how Bailey reacts, tune in to ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Oct. 17. New episodes of Grey's Anatomy air every Thursday.

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