How To Get Kylie Jenner’s Rise And Shine To Wake You Up In The Morning

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"Rise and shine." A simple, innocuous morning greeting that will never again be the same. It all started when Kylie Jenner recorded a Kylie Cosmetics office walking tour that culminated in the waking of her daughter Stormi, who was already awake, as evidenced by the fact that there was a camera person in her room and Stormi was sitting up in her crib. But that's besides the point. To rouse Stormi from bed, Kylie opened her mouth and unleashed a melody so iconic it has already become the stuff of memes, ring tones, and a possible sample on a forthcoming Ariana Grande song. She sang "rise and shine," which sounded more like "ruuuhise and shuynnneee." And it spawned a series of memes, my favorite of which invokes the Sun Baby from Teletubbies, except it's Kylie's face as the sun.
Kylie has fully embraced the memification of her song. Her Instagram bio is now: "rise and shine." And her sisters love it as well. Kendall even took to Twitter asking for a step-by-step guide to making it her ring tone, as many members of the Twitterverse already have.
Well, here's how to do it, Kendall. Step one: Watch Kylie's office tour video and go to the part where she wakes up Stormi (around the 15:18 minute mark). Record with glee via your iPhone's Voice Memos app and save it as "Rise and Shine" or something of the like to Files. Then, open up the iOS GarageBand app and select Audio Recorder in the top menu. Click on the wrench icon in the top right corner and select Metronome & Count-in > No sound. Underneath that, there's a plus sign, where you can manually adjust the amount of bars of the sound bite.
From here, click on the middle icon on the right side of the top panel — the one that looks like mini tracks, followed by the loop icon (the one that looks like a little lasso) on the right hand side. From here, you'll be prompted to import from Files. Hit Browse and select the Voice Memo you just recorded, which you can then drag onto the track screen. Finally, click on the triangle icon in the top right corner and select My Songs > Share > Ringtone > Export. From here, you can go into your Alarm settings, and your very own Kylie song should be right there in the Ringtones menu to choose from.
Still, I have many remaining questions about "rise and shine." The first and most pressing: Is this how Kylie typically rouses Stormi from bed? Also, will we get an EP?

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