The Cast Of The King Is Almost Too Good

Netflix is putting its spin on Shakespeare's dynastic series of war, succession, and a reluctant king with its new Timothée Chalamet movie The King.
Hal is quickly crowned Henry V (Chalamet) after the death of his father Henry IV (Ben Mendelsohn), and though he never wanted to rule and appears disgusted by war, he just as quickly sets out to expand his reign and conquer France. Based on the life of the real Henry V, this pursuit would take up the majority of his short life.
Though much of Henry V's life is defined by war, not all his enemies fight on the opposing side. Some are high in the ranks of his own court. Shortly after ascending the throne, Henry V realizes that he is no longer just Hal, but a target to those who wish to overthrow him.
Henry V, and many of the characters in the film, are based on real-life people who lived in the 15th century, though it is a stretch to say that this is a historically accurate retelling. Even the plays, known as the Henriad, were written nearly 200 years after the death of Henry V.
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