A Guide To The Downright Delightful Cast Of Hulu’s Little Monsters

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
Ah, October. The month of autumnal colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and horror flicks galore. And, of course, little monsters in the form of goblins and ghouls on Halloween. Or sometimes in the form of sweet, innocent kindergarteners on the big screen, alongside some very real, very brain-thirsty zombies. Wait, what? Several months after the eerie March release of Jordan Peele’s Us, Lupita Nyong’o is riding high on her horror movie leading lady status in quirky Sundance favorite Little Monsters, in theaters now and on Hulu Oct. 11.
In it, the Oscar winner plays Miss Caroline, a kindergarten teacher chaperoning a seemingly innocuous field trip to the petting zoo. Unfortunately for her, and for the children who largely have no idea what’s going on, a failed military experiment at the army base next door unleashes a zombie outbreak that threatens all their little monster lives.
If the premise sounds terrifying, it is — but to be clear, it’s also meant to be hilarious. With assists by Josh Gad as alcoholic children’s TV personality Teddy McGiggle and Alexander England as post-breakup sad uncle Dave, the movie is guaranteed to make audiences laugh as much as it will make them squirm. And that’s the true spirit of October.

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