That Travis Scott-Kylie Jenner Cheating Conspiracy Was Just Shot Down

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Perhaps third denial will be the charm. First, TMZ told us there was no drama between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott after their split. Then, Kylie Jenner said there was no drama between her and Travis Scott after their split. Now, model Rojean Kar has clarified that Scott did not cheat on Jenner with her — AKA, there's no drama between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott after their split.
The shock of the breakup means fans want answers. First they speculated it was a PR stunt, now they're wondering if there was any infidelity. Kar and Scott posted Instagram photos from similar locations over the past year (like a casino and a ski trip), so some concluded that this must mean they were carrying on a secret affair. Kar also reportedly posted about being frequently blocked and unblocked by Jenner in the past, according to BuzzFeed, and once captioned a photo of herself with "tell ur bd I said thx," as in "baby daddy." However, she has since re-captioned the photo with "It was song lyrics" for all the new people coming to her page.
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It was song lyrics.

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She also took to her Story to issue a definitive denial.
"None of these rumors are true," she wrote. "It's just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies and leave him, her & I alone because it's affecting real lives. Thank you."
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(Per a screenshot posted by BuzzFeed, this Story originally read "leave us alone." It appears Kar changed it to avoid further confusion).
As Jenner wrote on Twitter, she and Scott are on "great" terms.
"The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is," she continued, also referencing rumors she was visiting Tyga at a recording studio. Regardless of past blocking rumors, it sounds like the curse of the internet is the one thing she, Scott, and Kar can agree on.

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