A Downton Abbey Halloween Costume For Every Mood

Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
Halloween is a chance to become someone new, to experience a lifestyle that may not jive with your mundane everyday tasks. And what better way to step out of a rut than to don a tiara and satin gloves, Downton Abbey-style?
For one night, you don't have to be the person who forgot to do laundry three weeks in a row, or who has nothing but stale ramen and a bottle of cheap wine in the fridge. Shed your sweatpants and pretend to be Lady Mary Crawley, daughter of an Earl, who runs her father's estate with style and panache when she's not thumbing through Vogue for her latest toilette.
If that's a little too bougie for your taste, why not channel Daisy the kitchen maid, whose revolutionary spirit runs as hot as the stove she so masterfully commands. But be warned: Only the truly bold can handle stepping into the Dowager Countess' royal purple gowns — barbed wit not included.
Scroll through to find out which Downton Abbey woman most suits your mood this Halloween.

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