Meet Sean Larkin, Lana Del Rey’s New Hot Cop Boyfriend

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This weekend, everyone’s favorite summertime sad girl Lana Del Rey was spotted sipping iced coffees in Central Park with what looks like a new beau. The salt and peppered man strolling alongside her is Sean Larkin, erm, Sergeant Sean Larkin: a Vans-wearing, fully-tatted, Crossfit-loving influencer cop. How, the internet asks, did this pairing between a pop star and kind-of-famous hot cop come to be? Let’s investigate. 
Del Rey, who is no stranger to be caught walking around with handsome (and sometimes questionable) men, has previously been linked to a number of bachelors, including rapper-producer G-Eazy and disgraced performance artist James Franco. She was also once the subject of an insane kidnapping scandal. But she tends to keep a low profile when it comes to her romantic life, letting her raspy-voiced songs on her new album Norman Fucking Rockwell speak for themselves. Still, some stans of the “Don’t Call Me Angel” singer have concerns about her latest romance.
But who exactly is Sean “Sticks” Larkin? Larkin is not just any cop, he’s a celebrity cop. An influencer cop, even, who was once nicknamed Sticks by his police Captain, for reasons that don’t entirely make sense to anyone who isn’t an officer of the law. Still, Larkin is a self-described “Full Time Tulsa Popo,” according to his Twitter bio, which rakes in over 207k followers. 
After nearly two decades on the Oklahoma police force as a dayside supervisor for the TPD gang unit, Larkin caught the attention of A&E network producers who featured him on a Tulsa-based episode of Live PD. Although the department decided to pull out of the show, Larkin was offered a more permanent role in the series as an analyst in New York. But, he wasn’t willing to leave the blue uniform behind, so producers agreed to work around the budding reality star’s schedule, flying him back and forth so that he could appear regularly on Live PD where he discusses the inner workings of law enforcement. 
The show instantly launched a humble but notable social media following. Larkin now boasts 168k followers and counting on Instagram, where he mostly posts about his #family, #tulsa, #whiskey, and his (shirtless) #crossfit passion. 
Aside from adding hosting duties of A&E’s PD Cam to his resume, Larkin seems to spend his relatively-norma and wholesome American life around family and friends, particularly with his college-aged daughter, Alyssa. 
We’ll admit that Larkin’s half-sleeve tattooed Americana vibe is right up Del Rey’s alley, who basically built her aesthetic around America-branded nostalgia. But what isn’t totally clear is how she and Larkin even met. Though neither of them have spoken out since Entertainment Weekly confirmed the relationship this week, the two do follow each other on Instagram. 
As we patiently anticipate Del Rey’s next album, White Hot Fever, keep your eyes peeled for some poignant lyrics about her journey from dazed Instagram poet to dating a reality star with a badge.

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