Netflix’s Daybreak Is A Hilarious Mix Between Mad Max & The Society

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The teens of Glendale, CA have more to stress over than crowds at the Americana. In Netflix teen dramedy Daybreak, the Los Angeles city is the center of the apocalypse, and it’s taking typical high school drama to the most extreme of places. 
Daybreak is based on Brian Ralph’s comic series of the same name, and follows Josh (Colin Ford), a high school outcast, as he navigates life after a bomb hits his hometown.
As Josh looks for his MIA girlfriend Sam (Sophie Simnett) he must contend with the worst versions of high school cliques. Instead of cheerleaders encouraging the home team at weekly football games, the squad turned into a gang of bow and arrow wielding warriors who just might kill you if you get too close. With Glendale a desert hellscape (without its iconic malls!!!) the rest of the high school students have also become their most aggressive, primitive selves. 
It’s all very Mad Max: Fury Road, but without any adults present post-apocalypse in the trailer (Matthew Broderick plays the optimistic principal pre-bomb) this series could be the next Society, another Netflix series about teenagers forced to navigate the world after a (albeit very different) disaster. The difference here is that while The Society was a thoughtful exploration of the darker side of human nature a la Lord of the Flies, Daybreak relishes in the humor of the whole world going bonkers. Josh speaks directly to the camera, as do other characters in the trailer. 
“Strap in, douche waffles,” one character says in a fourth wall-breaking moment. 
“Shit’s about to get weird,” continues another. 
Yes, it may be the end of the world, but does it have to be...the end of the world? Not on this series, it doesn’t. There are still good times to be had. 
“You thought we weren’t going to have any fun in the apocalypse,” Josh teases at the end of the trailer. “Shame on you.” 
Check out the trailer below:
Daybreak hits Netflix on October 24. 

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