Real Talk: When Are Dylan Barbour & Hannah Godwin Getting Married After BIP?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It was not really a secret that Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour were still together after Bachelor in Paradise. Dylan in particular has been running his mouth all over the place (see: Twitter) about how he's in love and what a great gal Hannah is. So it's not surprising that they got engaged on the show. Really the only mystery left is when Hannah and Dylan will get married following Bachelor in Paradise.
The couple's engagement was as cute as could be, with Dylan telling Hannah that he didn't want to just spend the summer with her — he wanted to spend his life with her. Hannah voiced concerns that she's been burned in the past, but told Dylan that she trusted him and wanted to take that next step with him. "I could never love anyone as much as I love you," Dylan happily told her.
Then, on the BiP reunion, Hannah and Dylan confirmed what everyone already knew: they are still together. Dylan added that he was still "crazy about [Hannah]" post-show. If Hannah's feelings are as strong as Dylan's (she's not quite as open about her emotions), they could stand a real chance of making it. But they may be a little slower down the aisle, because Hannah was clear on the show that she didn't want to rush into things too much. She was initially even nervous about the idea of engagement just because it had been such a short time. (Totally fair, BTW. This show films over, like, three weeks.)
Dylan said during the reunion that the couple is going to work moving closer to each other first. Dylan lives in San Diego, and he said that Hannah has plans to move to California too. It's not clear if they're moving in together, but they'll at least be in the same state. That always helps with budding relationships. Beyond that, Dylan said the pair is "just enjoying every day together."
They could get married on Paradise next season, putting the date in June of 2020 to air on the show in August or September. Maybe they'll do it sooner based solely on how into each other they are. Dylan could barely stop smiling at Hannah Brown's Men Tell All taping when taking to Entertainment Tonight about Hannah Godwin. It was before the show had even started airing, but he had basically already given his ending away.
"Hannah G. is unbelievable. I mean, she's obviously just beautiful," he said, adding, "Am I allowed to say [how serious it gets]? ... Hopefully things get really serious in Paradise. Listen I think it's going to be an unbelievable experience, and I think everyone's gonna get to see something of me and a part of me that not everybody does get to see."
He also tweeted, "Hey I'm Dylan, I'm 25 years old from San Diego, California, and I'm in love," in the present tense while the show was still airing. It was obvious for so many reasons that the duo made it off the beach together.
So Dylan would probably love to get the wedding bells ringing ASAP because he loves Hannah so much. He even tweeted on Tuesday night following the proposal, "So happy to be the future Mr. Dylan Godwin."
Maybe Hannah will want to wait a little longer to have more time to plan. If they keep their wedding plans secret much longer they'll beat their record of keeping their actual relationship a secret — but only because they really never kept that secret at all.

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