Who Breaks Up On Bachelor In Paradise According To Clues In The New Promo?

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Chris Harrison announced in the latest Bachelor in Paradise promo that Paradise as the contestants know it is ending. It's that time of the season where couples need to evaluate their relationships and decide whether they want to go to the Fantasy Suites and potentially propose or if they don't feel strongly enough to stay on the show. And, based on that promo, the Bachelor in Paradise break up list is about to get really long as relationships are put to the ultimate test.
Already on Monday night's Sept. 9 episode, Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann called things quits after Kristina admitted she just couldn't see herself getting there with Blake. She exited the show and Blake left soon after. The odds also aren't looking good for contestants like Luke Stone and Haley Ferguson whose initial romantic connections have since left the show or paired off with other people. Luke went on a date with Kristina, but she's gone now, and Haley initially liked John Paul Jones, but he's since focused his attention on Tayshia Adams. 
One couple who does seem like they'll last is Dylan and Hannah. The promos didn't show any drama between them and Dylan tweeted just a couple of days ago that he's currently in love. (Spoilers are everywhere with this cast.) Here's where the other couples stand heading into the final couple of episodes.

Sydney & Matt, Matt & Bri

The fact that Matt has sort of had a thing with both Sydney and Bri doesn't bode well for any of them. Anybody who isn't already seriously coupled up when the Fantasy Suites come around usually goes home because they just weren't ready to be serious.

Clay Harbor & Nicole Lopez-Alvar

In the promo, Clay says that the "conversation's gonna be hard but necessary." Perhaps Clay has to have a tough conversation with Nicole about the future of their relationship? He's seemed less invested in things ever since his ex Angela Amezcua showed up in Paradise, so perhaps he's just not ready to commit to Nicole. Nicole also recently tweeted that "dating is hard" and a "nightmare." It's unlikely she'd tweet that if everything went smoothly with Clay.

Chase McNary & Angela Amezcua

Who? Both Angela and Chase came to Paradise relatively late, and, while they did go on a date, it wasn't even shown on the episode. They probably don't make it if the editing team wasn't invested in showing their date together.

Connor Saeli & Revian Chang

Newcomer Revian asked Connor on a date in the Sept. 9 episode and while they seemed to have a good time, Connor was coming in hot off a breakup with Caelynn. It's unlikely that he bounces from that into a serious thing with Revian in just a handful of days. He's not Blake.

Tayshia Adams & John Paul Jones

The promo for the next episode showed Tayshia sobbing and telling JPJ, "I'm sorry." Those are not the words of someone who is all in on a relationship. Their coupling may become another Paradise casualty.

Demi Burnett & Kristian Haggerty

Demi was seen crying in the promo, but it may be misleading because previous promos have shown her walking up on proposal day and saying, "I smell an engagement." So things may work out for them in the end.

Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski

These two seemed pretty solid, but the promo casts some doubt on that. "Is this happening right now?" Katie asks Chris in disbelief in one tense moment in the preview. It seems like she's asking if they're breaking up. She's also seemingly shown sobbing in the Fantasy Suite. Yikes. But, again, promos can be misleading. The only way to know for sure who breaks up is to keep watching. Oh, BiP, we just can't quit you.

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