There Is One Song On The New Post Malone Album That Is Blowing Minds

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Every generation has its rabble-rousers. Post Malone is beloved by Generation Z. His new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, is already projected to debut at No. 1 and is the second largest debut of the year, just behind Taylor Swift’s Lover. But there’s one song people can’t get enough of: “Take What You Want.” Maybe it’s because it’s one of those infectious songs that gets wildly popular, or maybe it’s because he put Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne on the song, in a combination that only Post Malone could come up with.
Fans enjoyed “Take What You What,” with many on social media praising the inclusion of Osbourne’s vocals on the track.
Now, social media is blowing up with young Zoomers wondering aloud, “Who is Ozzy Osbourne?” and thanking their boy Posty for breaking this dude’s career — and igniting a generational controversy that has become a snake eating its own tail.
As the youths discovered Osbourne for the first time, the olds clutched their pearls.
Now, people are making meme jokes about Post Malone featuring unknown artists on his album, because it’s easier to laugh than to cry.
So, who is Ozzy Osbourne, exactly — and why should you care about him (outside of love for Posty)? For those who may be unfamiliar, John Michael Osbourn, known as Ozzy, is the English vocalist for Black Sabbath, a metal band that was big in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Black Sabbath are known for hits such as “Paranoid” and “Iron Man.” Osbourne himself is a character: he once bit the head off a dead bat on stage, which is less cruel than the time he got drunk and bit the heads off two live doves. Among his other antics, Osbourne also peed on the Alamo Cenotaph in 1982 and fed hash-laced cake to a church vicar. He starred in an MTV reality TV show about his family called The Osbournes in the early ‘00s that was wildly popular, bringing us the TV legacies of Jack and Kelly Osbourne. The show was a hit, mainly because Osbourne was a hilariously devoted, if drug-addled dad.
Most recently, Osbourne got a bit of a feature when that mythical moment where he allegedly snorted a line of ants while touring with Mötley Crüe was featured in the Netflix take on their history, The Dirt

This collaboration could only have come from Malone, who today, inspires confusion and scorn the same way as Osbourne did in his heyday. Does Malone, with his face tattoos and genre-bending music, fancy himself as today’s Ozzy Osbourne? It’s possible — minus the animal head-eating, of course.

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