Wells Adams Says One Of The Weirdest Bachelor In Paradise Moments Hasn’t Even Happened Yet

Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images.
Bachelor In Paradise is coming to an end, but we have more to look forward to than just the engagements. This season has been choc-full of confrontations and weird, awkward moments, and bartender Wells Adams says there is still more to come.
Adams and his fiancée Sarah Hyland spoke to Refinery29 at the U.S. launch of Facebook's Dating feature about some of the weirdest stuff the former Bachelorette contestant has had to witness this season on the island. 
“Was it [John Paul Jones]’s toast?” Hyland asked. “Because that was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“A lot of JPJ,” Adams confirmed. “JPJ and Derek’s argument at the bar was very odd. There’s another one that’s coming up that hasn’t happened yet that is also weird.”
While on the show it may look like Adams is just lurking in the background, he says he chimes in a lot on the beach when people are having heated conversations at the bar.
“My whole thing is I’ve been there before, I know what can happen if things don’t end up looking good, so I just want to give people good advice,” he explained. “A lot of times I’m like, ‘Hey man, you should cool it down a little bit. Your mom’s gonna watch this.’”
And we definitely will be, if only for more awkward bar moments.

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