What Does Taylor Swift’s Lover Track List Reveal About Her New Album?

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Taylor Swift has broken free of her cryptic album promotion and finally given us a tracklist for her seventh full-length album, Lover. The singer-songwriter shared the titles of the 18 songs across three posts on Instagram and a few things stood out: Swift is blessing us with a lengthy album, she collaborated with The Dixie Chicks, and her album will be out in less than a week!
Four of the songs — “ME!,” “The Archer,” “You Need To Calm Down,” and “Lover” — have already been released. Based on these synth-heavy tracks, her partnership with producer and songwriter Jack Antonoff (who produced 1989 and Reputation) is going strong. If that’s not enough to last you until the album drops on August 23, the music video for “Lover” will reportedly be released hours before the album.
Enough about what we already know — the best part about Swift releasing her track list is speculating what the songs are about based off of no information other than their titles.
“London Boy”
It’s pretty safe to say this song is about her boyfriend of three years, Joe Alwyn, who is a North London native. Based off the lyrics from Lover, things seem to be going well for the couple. In fact, some fans think Swift and Alwyn might be engaged after Swift posted a photo from her recent Vogue cover shoot with the caption, “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you,” which are lyrics from the title track. If we were to guess, it could be a sneaky engagement announcement. (This is Taylor Swift we’re talking about, after all.)
“Soon You’ll Get Better (Featuring The Dixie Chicks)”
Who better to collaborate on a song hinting at overcoming difficulties and adversity than The Dixie Chicks? This just may be the nod to Swift’s country music roots that we have been waiting for. The Dixie Chicks faced considerable backlash after they publicly spoke out against war and President George W. Bush in 2003. Swift herself has only recently found her political voice when it comes to speaking publicly about things she cares about and has experienced negative reactions because of it. Kid Rock recently accused Swift of only getting political to further her career. The Dixie Chicks also has their first album in 13 years coming out later this year. We can only hope that Swift makes an appearance on their album as well.
Personally, we’re hoping for another “New Year’s Day” with this one. The song ends the album, and if we are blessed with another stripped down, piano-driven track, the end of August can’t come soon enough.

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