I Have A Wild Theory That Taylor Swift's "Lover" Lyric Video Shows Her Wedding Footage

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
On this "Lover" Friday, I invite you all to join me on a bit of a reach. Earlier this week, a sneak peek at the lyrics of "Lover" prompted speculation that Taylor Swift is secretly engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and the full "Lover" song only solidifies the theory. However, because it's Taylor Swift, I was convinced more clues were hiding, and I may have found some in the lyric video for the new single.
The official music video for "Lover" is slated to drop August 22, the evening before the full album, but the song's lyric video is worth watching for more than just the words. Unlike a typical lyric video, Swift has zoomed out, giving us a view of the lyrics projected onto a sheet hanging in what looks like an attic. Behind the words of the projection are home-video clips of Swift, flowers, the ocean — and the whole thing feels like it would fit right in at a wedding ceremony.
Maybe because...it did? While obviously a number of the clips shown in the projection are from different days and locations, a lot of them appear to be taken in the same garden, possibly in England. Possibly during a wedding. Just look at this imagery:
This shot of a path through a garden shows up repeatedly.
And this heart with the U.K. flag in it is pretty obvious.
This shot is hard to make out, but it looks a lot like Swift from shoulder up, hair done, and possibly wearing...a veil? Something is happening behind he hair, but the shot, which takes place at around the 1:57 mark, is too brief to investigate further.
And then when the pivotal vow lyrics that go down in the bridge ("Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?/With every guitar string scar on my hand/I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover/My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue/All’s well that ends well to end up with you") begin projecting, the video cuts back to the familiar garden shots. This garden is where I fully suspect is where this hypothetical dream wedding took place.
It's important to say I have literally zero intel to confirm this. Over on Tumblr, Swift has been liking a lot of posts in which fans say they're going to play this song at their weddings, and maybe that's all she's trying to tell us. But I don't think it's that simple. When it comes to Swift, there's always a secret below the surface, and this lyric video is daring us to find it.

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