Jupiter Is Going Direct, & We’ll Finally Be Thinking Clearly

Photographed by Jessica Garcia.
In all the fuss about Mercury retrograde last month, you may have forgotten that Jupiter was also retrograde. The gas giant has been retrograde in Sagittarius since April 11th, and it will finally go direct on August 11th.
In astrology, Jupiter rules wisdom, luck, and progress. Jupiter retrograde doesn't mean "bad luck," though. Rather, it's a time for reflection and a chance to slow down. Still, the fact that this planet is about to go direct is cause for celebration. “Jupiter has been moonwalking in the sign of Sagittarius, making our judgements less than stellar,” astrologer Lisa Stardust explains.
During Jupiter retrograde, our judgment may have been impaired. Now, with Jupiter direct in Sagittarius, we’ll finally see clearly. “We have been walking on the thin line of morality and not playing by the status quo ethical standards,” Stardust says. “Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius has taught us that honesty is extremely important, and now that Jupiter is turning direct, we are reaping what we’ve sowed.”
This isn’t to say that we all acted badly during Jupiter retrograde. It’s a bit more nuanced than that. “Not to say that we’ve all made bad decisions, but we haven’t been clear or speaking our truth,” Stardust says.
If we did cause harm others — either intentionally or accidentally — now is a good time to try to make amends. This transit will allow us to “see our wrongs and have a philosophical perspective on how to make good on the hurts we’ve caused others,” Stardust says. So start drafting that apology text or make plans to catch up with that friend you bickered with.
With Jupiter going direct, we’ll be able to make better judgments. “Now that this fiery planet is moving forward, we will be able to think clearer and make better decisions about how to achieve our goals,” Stardust says. Jupiter will stay direct until January 1, 2020, so enjoy the good judgment while it lasts!

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