ICYMI, Bachelor In Paradise's Derek Peth Also Dated Stephanie Pratt From The Hills

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Reality television is a small place. Everyone seems to know each other or be separated by only a few degrees. Like, say, one of the fan favorite Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise stars, Derek Peth who dated Stephanie Pratt, star of The Hills, The Hills: New Beginnings, and estranged sister of crystal magnate Spencer Pratt. Yep, Derek Peth and Stephanie Pratt used to date, and the world just didn’t get enough of Derphanie before their relationship ran its course. They burned bright, but they burned fast.
According to Life & Style, Stephanie and Derek were introduced by Bachelor bartender Wells Adams — Wells and Stephanie host a podcast together, and Wells and Derek know each other from Bachelor In Paradise and The Bachelorette. Wells, being the conscientious, love-loving friend he is, thought these two would hit it off. They did, as Derek told Wells on a March 2019 episode of Stephanie's podcast, Pratt Cast — but Stephanie was over an hour late for their meeting.
It took an hour and 15 minutes before Steph finally showed up,” Derek said. “Her reasoning is she was in Hawaii and they don’t have daylight savings time, and she never changed her clock, and she thought it was a different time. Probably the third thing I said to her was, 'You need to pick out food because the kitchen closes in ten minutes.'”
That timing snafu didn’t ruin the date, though — Stephanie said on another Pratt Cast episode that she wanted to see Derek again. “He’s a great guy, like a great guy. I need to hang out with him again,” she said. She also went onto say that Derek was basically the perfect guy to date in your 30s, because he’s fun and has it all together.
But anyone hoping for a televised Hills/Bachelor in Paradise crossover wedding had their hopes dashed, though, because their could-be relationship was basically over three months later. In June 2019, Stephanie told Us Weekly that their living so far apart from each other was the kiss of death for the relationship. It makes sense — Derek lives in New York City, and Stephanie just relocated to London from Los Angeles after filming the first season of The Hills: New Beginnings. That’s a lot of air miles for any couple, let alone one that is just in the beginning stages of a relationship
“We both just know that [with] long distance, it just wasn’t working,” she said. “My life is way too drama right now and I would never want to subject that to him. But God, he’s just — this is so selfish — but I hope he’s single in a year.”
So what happens now? Well, Derek is on Bachelor In Paradise looking for love, but Stephanie has made it very clear that she's not into Justin Bobby despite the storyline on The Hills: New Beginnings. So who knows. Life and love are funny, and these two could end up back together again if they just end up in the same time zone. Plus, think of the spinoff opportunities!

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