There's A Reason You Don't Remember Bachelor In Paradise's Jane From Colton's Bachelor Season

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Bachelor in Paradise brings contestants together from many previous seasons, but that can make remembering the cast difficult at times. You'd be especially forgiven for wondering who Jane from Bachelor in Paradise is, because she didn't have much of a chance to make a name for herself on Colton's season of The Bachelor. She even notes that viewers probably don't remember her when she introduces herself as a hot sauce aficionado during the season premiere of BIP. But there's another reason you might feel like you don't really know her.
"Jane" is actually a nickname of sorts; her Bachelor bio lists her first name as "Adrianne." For reasons currently unknown, she'll be known in Paradise as Jane, and she's hoping to finally make the splash there that she didn't have the chance to on The Bachelor.
Out in the real world, the 26-year-old lives in West Hollywood, California. She's also a social worker at a daycare facility for senior citizens. Her LinkedIn says she's been working in that field for two years after getting her Master's in 2017 at the University of Southern California's School of Social Work. Jane also said in an ABC video intro that she thinks her biggest talents are her ability to give advice, guide people, and find common ground with just about anyone. Those skills could come in handy in Paradise, where you're thrown together with a bunch of people — some of whom you might not necessarily get along with.
When she's not in Paradise or at work, though, Jane is usually with her dog Bella. In her limo entrance on Colton's Bachelor season, Jane even presented him with a photoshopped image of her dog hanging out with Colton's dog Sniper. Apparently that strategy wasn't enough, because Colton sent Jane home on the first night. According to Jane's Instagram, she got Bella in 2016, and they've been BFF ever since.
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However, cool career and cute dog aside, it seems Bachelor in Paradise is going to make Jane known for something else — her love of hot sauce. According to her Bachelor bio, Jane "loves tacos and Tapatio," which is a brand of hot sauce. The sauce even shows up in her Bachelor in Paradise intro, which features a clip of Jane chugging the stuff while surrounded by extra bottles and a mound of tacos. Based on her self-professed love for tacos and hot sauce, going to enjoy at least one aspect of being on BiP — the show does take place in Mexico, after all.

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