Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His One-Of-A-Kind Take On Tacos

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images.
Is Taco Tuesday a weekly staple in your house? Does National Taco Day constitute a holiday you'd call in sick to work to celebrate? If so, turn back now because you don't want to hear this blasphemy.
In the course of promoting their new film, Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood, the cast have been asked some probing questions about Luke Perry, playing members of the Manson family, and even the '80s sitcom Growing Pains. But this one may divide us all. When Univision reporter Luis Sandoval asked the cast if they were fans of Mexican food, Brad Pitt spoke up to say, "You can't live in L.A. and not love Mexican food." So Sandoval followed up, asking what their favorite dishes are and Pitt proclaimed, "You can't beat a taco." Everyone, from Taco Tinder to residents of the Taco Bell hotel, agreed with that. Everyone but Leonardo DiCaprio.
“I’m a pupusa man, myself,” DiCaprio said, making heads across the internet explode as Sandoval pointed out that the dish is actually Salvadorian and not Mexican. “Better than tacos to me, I gotta go with them.”
If you're asking what a pupusa is, it's a thick flatbread shell made in a griddle that you stuff with similar ingredients to a taco: cheese, refried beans, any meat you like. What makes it different than a taco is the thicker shell and the spicy slaw that is served with it. It looks more like a quesadilla than a taco. They're easy to make at home if you want to give Pupusa Friday a whirl (this could be a thing if we make it happen).
Not to be left out, director Quentin Tarantino threw his favor behind a classic Mexican dish: chicken mole. Ever diplomatic, Margot Robbie insisted she eats everything — but chips and guacamole are her go-to.

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