The Purest Veronica Mars Friendship Is The One Between Ryan Hansen's & Kristen Bell's Families

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If you can believe it, Veronica Mars actor Ryan Hansen is nothing like Dick Casablancas. I know, it’s hard to imagine, considering he plays such a convincing jerk on Veronica Mars. And out of everyone in the world of Veronica Mars, maybe the most surprising fact is that now, 15 years after he made his first crude joke at Neptune High, Hansen and his wife Amy Russell are incredibly close with Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard. They even vacation together.
Veronica and Dick merging their lives together for the better in 2019. Who would have thought? It’s true, as off screen the two have been incredibly close and a major part of the others lives and families for the better part of a decade. (Bell told Cosmo in 2009 that her roommates at the time were Hansen and Russell, which may explain where this all started.)
We weren't joking about the vacation stuff — over the Fourth of July holiday weekend the Bell/Shepards and Hansens went on a vacation to Michigan together, where Bell was super excited to show off the “dad beasts” in action. May these two families always vacation together, and may they always post their vacations to Instagram so we can see.
As for Hansen and his wife, the two married in 2004 and have three children together. Just like Bell and Shepard, Hansen has kept the faces of his children off of social media, and his go-to for doing that is a pair of big heart-shaped sunglasses.
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His wife, Amy, is also very much out of the spotlight. Amy very rarely will walk the red carpet with Hansen and doesn’t make too many media appearances. When Hansen launched Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes (which is a fictionalized story about his real life), there was talk about Amy actually playing his wife on the show, but in the end, she declined and the whole real Hansen family stayed out of it.
“She thought about doing it for about a minute, then turned bright red and said, ‘No way!’” Hansen told HelloGiggles in an interview. “Amy is the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out, but acting and being the center of attention is not her favorite. And to be honest, she probably would have been great, but I would not have been able to keep it together [acting opposite her]. And my real daughters were never going to be in the show.”
Amy does have a social media, but it’s private (make sense). She also once got to witness an amazing private moment for her best friend — which happens to be none other than Bell herself. According to US Weekly, Amy was the only witness at Bell and Shepard’s courthouse wedding back in 2013. After the wedding, Bell then told Amy that she had to go to work and make “‘make pretend love to your husband, [Ryan].' And I did."
It might be weird, and a sometimes unconventional friendship between the Hansens and Bell, but it clearly works.

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