Tyler Cameron's Family Is Extremely Supportive Of His Bachelorette Journey

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It can't be easy to be vulnerable on national television, but Bachelorette contestant Tyler C. has opened up about his family more than once to Hannah. During his first one-on-one date, Tyler told Hannah that he almost didn't come on the show because his father had gotten really sick prior to filming. Then, during his second one-on-one date later in the season, Tyler again talked about his parents on The Bachelorette, telling Hannah that their divorce initially made him want to stay away from relationships all together.
"I don't really open up to anybody," Tyler told Hannah. "My parents got divorced so it was like, seeing what they went through ... I'm not having a relationship. I'm not going through that." He explained that his dad came from "nothing" but eventually worked his way up to a house on the water in Jupiter, Florida. But during a recession he lost the house and, eventually, the marriage crumbled too. "My parents had a hard time turning to each other, and they kind of turned away from each other," Tyler said, adding that now his own "biggest fear is to fail at marriage."
But even though he's not used to opening up and is scared of failing in a relationship, Tyler pushed himself to go after Hannah's heart, in part because of his father. During their first one-on-one, Tyler said that while his father was beginning to feel better and heal from surgery, he encouraged Tyler to go on the show. "[He said], 'Tyler, this is your girl. You've got to go make the best of this opportunity.'" So Tyler did.
Now his parents have taken an opportunity to come together to watch Tyler on the show. His mom Andrea Hermann Cameron told the Palm Beach Post that she hosts weekly watch parties at a local Jupiter establishment. "I am overwhelmed by the support of my friends," she said. The outlet reported that the Team Tyler crowd is often made up of Tyler's uncle, cousin, family friends, and more — many of whom never watched the show before. They just come out to support Tyler. His cheering section takes up a whole side of the restaurant. "He really comes across well on TV. He really is that guy," Andrea said of her son, who has become a fan favorite.
Despite their divorce, Andrea said that Tyler's father is often at the watch parties with her. They seem to be on good enough terms to come together over watching their son fall in love — so perhaps Hannah will get to meet them both together during Tyler's hometown date. Now that would be making the best out of an opportunity, just like Tyler's dad said to him about going on the show in the first place.

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