Surprise, Surprise: The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt Comes From A Musical Family

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Ed Herrera.
Jed Wyatt has already used his love of singing and playing the guitar to woo Hannah a few times on The Bachelorette, but his musical skills didn't come out of nowhere. Long before he chose to become a professional singer/songwriter in Nashville who went on The Bachelorette, Jed's parents and family instilled a sense of musicality in him.
In his NoiseTrade bio, Jed said his first instrument was piano and that his parents bought his first keyboard for him. From there he learned songs by ear until his parents got him lessons. However, to this day, he said he plays songs by ear like he did as a kid rather than reading music. But even though his parents bought him that piano, it was his grandma who first introduced the instrument to him, according to the bio. A few years ago, he posted a throwback picture of his grandma playing piano with a young Jed sitting on the bench with her. "The lady that inspired me to play piano. Not a day goes by that I don't miss sitting by your side," he captioned the photo.
Jed eventually switched from piano to guitar with some lessons from his dad, Jerry Wyatt. "Thanks for teaching me things and giving me strings. Couldn't do it without you," Jed captioned an Instagram photo of his father playing the electric guitar.
Jerry has his own YouTube channel where he has shown off his electric guitar skills, like in an impressive rendition of Heart's "Barracuda." Jed wrote in his NoiseTrade bio that he prefers playing the acoustic guitar to his dad's electric, but he said that he still has a lot of respect for his father's take on music and his ability to play complicated rock solos.
But his dad isn't the only other musical one in the Wyatt family. Jed's sister Lily has a beautiful voice and sings along with Jed in some of his Instagram videos.
It's not clear if Jed's mom is musical as well — she hasn't appeared singing or playing instruments on his Instagram. But, seeing as how she aided in getting him a piano and getting piano lessons as a kid, she obviously supported his musical dream. In a post for Mother's Day a couple of years ago, Jed praised his mom for her leadership in the Wyatt family. "I never knew how much appreciated you until I moved away. Thankful and blessed to have a leader and a mom like you!" he wrote.
Jed said that he initially came on The Bachelorette to boost his music platform, and now he's made it all the way to the hometown dates where he will get to show Hannah where his love of music came from. It seems the whole musical Wyatt family will get a platform boost out of that episode as well.

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