Who's Who In Peter's High School Class In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
It's been a while since we've seen Peter Parker (Tom Holland) act like a regular high school kid. And by "a while," we mean it's been approximately one Infinity War, a world-wide dusting, five years, and one world-wide undusting since we've seen Peter Parker act like a regular high school kid. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter and his classmates finally get a little break from all the tumult and turmoil — only to stumble their way into yet another city-razing superhero battle.
Along for the ride are a few of Peter's familiar cohorts — his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and the object of his affection, MJ (Zendaya), for starters — while others have moved on. (Good luck finding Laura Harrier's Liz or Hannibal Buress' Coach Wilson from Spider-Man: Homecoming.)
It's been five years for half of the world, so it's only natural that some teachers would have moved on, with others cycled in in their places. That five year gap between Thanos' snap and the blip also means there are some students who were kiddos when Spidey first disappeared, and are now high school seniors, which throws some new classmates into the mix for our boy wonder from Queens.
Here's who you should recognize and who might will rightfully be a little unfamiliar.

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