Seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home Without Seeing Avengers: Endgame? Bold.

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios.
Let’s say you’ve somehow managed to not see Avengers: Endgame yet. If you’re a person who hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, I guess, congratulations? That means you’re one of literally the few people on the planet who hasn’t seen the second highest grossing movie of all time (and yes, it’s going for that top spot) and honestly, that’s something to marvel at. But just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean the Marvel movies are going to stop being released, as Spider-Man: Far From Home is about to swing into theaters.
And since you haven’t seen Endgame, you’re wondering if you have to see Endgame in the first place to check out Tom Holland in Far From Home. Maybe if this were any other 22-installment movie franchise, the answer might be no. However, since this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the answer is yes, of course, you need to see Endgame before Far From Home, for a few incredibly important reasons.
Though Endgame wrapped up one giant chapter of the MCU, it sent a ripple through all future movies yet to come. This is mostly due to the fact that half the population on Earth disappeared for five whole years, and reappeared thanks to a second *snap* of the Infinity Gauntlet. One of these people who disappeared for five years was Peter Parker (Holland), who moonlights as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Seeing as how Far From Home is the first movie to directly follow Endgame, the events are of the latter are going to be greatly impacted by the former. So much so, that supposedly Far From Home picks up mere seconds after we last see Peter (and his best friend Ned, who also disappeared in the snap).
Then there's the main reason you need to see Endgame: to remind yourself that you’re going to cry buckets over the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.). He played a huge role in the first Spider-Man movie, and now that he’s gone, Peter is clearly searching for a new father figure to fill the void. Actually, it looks like most of the planet is looking for someone to fill the Iron Man void now that Tony’s gone, and you’ve got to see Endgame to understand why his death will always be a huge deal. In fact, there's an entire scene in this movie that might not make a whole lot sense if you're not brushed up on the entire Iron Man-Spider-Man legacy, so maybe make sure that's pretty fresh in your mind.
While the second Spidey flick does give a slight, extremely brief refresher of what went down in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, it's so brief that without the context of both films, it might be a little hard to follow.
So no, sitting through the three-hour movie doesn’t exactly sound like the quickest and easiest prep work before Far From Home, it’s required. It also seems that Disney and Marvel anticipated that you might need to do a little catching up, so ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home, an Endgame re-release with new footage is in theaters now (okay, they also want definitely want to see Endgame beat Avatar’s all-time world record box office, but we'll let that go). So even if you're just here to see Holland be the purest, nicest, sweetest superhero out there, you should probably see how he got here.

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