How Old Are The Stranger Things Kids In Season 3?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Stranger Things is all about its twists and turns, but one shock the writers can't take credit for is just how fast the cast of Stranger Things has grown up before our very eyes. It seems like just yesterday little Millie Bobby Brown was flooring everyone with her talent at the young age of 12, and now she’s still flooring everyone with her talent, but is well into her teenage years, starring in movies, and hanging out with Ariana Grande. Where has the time gone?
The thing is, while we’ve all aged three years since Stranger Things first premiered, the difference between being 12 and 15 is a much bigger change than going from, say, 27 to 30. So as everyone gets into more teenage antics in season 3, you might be a little distracted by thoughts like, "Wait, how old are the kids from Stranger Things?" and "Should they be doing what they're doing?"
And that's pretty purposeful: One of the overt themes of Stranger Things season 3 is the cast becoming teens. The trailers kind of hit us over the head with it when Mike (Finn Wolfhard) says, point blank, “We’re not kids anymore.” We'll also been served up a ton of season 3 teases full of ‘80s teen stuff like listening to boomboxes, hanging out at the mall, and trying on loud, colorful patterns. Then there's the concept introduced when Mike and Eleven (Brown) kissed the end of season 2: teen romance.
Here's how age-appropriate everyone is for all this teenage drama in season 3...

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