Rihanna Just Drank Seth Meyers Under The Table

Photo: Gotham/GC Images.
I'd never turn down going drinking with Rihanna, but I know myself better than to go shot-for-shot with the singer of "Bitch Better Have My Money." However, Seth Meyers was brave enough to try during a segment on the Late Show, and it obviously ended with him covered in Fenty Beauty slurring the lyrics to "Work" while dancing around a bar.
There's no one best moment from the over ten-minute video, because the whole thing is incredible. It begins with a series of Rihanna-themed drinks like "Under My Rumbrella" and "We Found Veuve In A Hostess Place," which is literally just a Twinkie in champagne.
While the drinks weren't necessarily good, the duo still managed to get sloshed thanks to a series of shots, which resulted in moments like Rihanna telling Seth Meyers to "blow" his wife if he wants to give her a romantic night, and getting confused about the title of the Avatar movies, which she instead calls Unicorn.
We do learn some things from the video, like if Rihanna wasn't a musician (or an actress or a businesswoman), she'd instead like to be a pilot. Also, she has an incredible memory for outfits, nda was even able to correctly identify the ensemble she was wearing to the dentist, of all places.
Throughout the segment, Meyers gets gradually more belligerent while Rihanna, if anything, becomes even cooler, handling every bad mixed drink and aggressive shot with grace. She even takes salt cool. While Meyers likely had to go lie down after filming, Rihanna probably kept on with her day and launched another clothing line or two.
Watch the full video below, and pray for Meyer's hangover.

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