Google Calendar Is Down & It's Extremely Unchill

Photographed by Franey Miller.
If you are reading this, I probably do not have to tell you that Google Calendar is down. But in case you live under a rock with no wifi, or perhaps use Microsoft Outlook for your scheduling, understand that if your 1 p.m. coffee meeting is a no-show, you have Error 404 to thank.
Like many of you, I arrived at work this morning to find that I could not access my Google Calendar — which is, no exaggeration, my lifeblood — no matter how many times I refreshed my browser. At first I thought it was just my own computer acting alone. But soon I heard the chorus of "Is Google Cal down?" reverberating around me, and I knew we were all affected. Apparently, Google is aware of the issue and is working on resolving it. But until a resolution is achieved, while you panic-rack your brain as to what meetings you're supposed to attend today, let these reactionary memes, for a moment, unfetter your mind from its spiral into existential dread.
Don't worry — no one know where they are supposed to be and when today. It's not just you! Apparently the mobile app works, though. So technically none of us have any excuses.

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