Ready Or Not Is Here To Ruin Your Favorite Childhood Game

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If "game night with the in-laws" already sounds like a nightmare, know that it could never possibly be as scary as the situation at the center of upcoming horror movie Ready or Not. In the film, a bride's post-wedding night is thwarted when her new and definitely deranged "family" declares it's time to play hide and seek. The game is quickly revealed to be a lot more deadly that the version that you're used to playing.
In the trailer, Grace (Samara Weaving) is excited-ish to marry into her husband's eccentric and exceedingly wealthy family, who happened to make their fortune creating board games. The night she marries Alex (Mark O'Brien), something is up: family patriarch Tony (Revenge's Henry Czerny) declares she will only really be part of the family after she wins a game of hide and seek. Grace is, well, game — until she learns that the family's intention is not to merely seek her, but to kill her. Eep!
Ready or Not looks like a bloody good time — literally. The movie might be seriously gory (the trailer features a crossbow to the face, oodles of blood, and barely-hanging-on eyeballs) but it's also so tongue-in-cheek that you may be laughing through the grossness.
"Do you think this is a fucking game?!?" Czerny's Tony screams in the face of Adam Brody's Daniel.
"Yeah. Hide and Seek. Remember?" Daniel replies dryly.
The film reads like an obvious nod to iconic horror story-turned-film The Most Dangerous Game, which follows a hunter who becomes prey on a wealthy man's private island. It also has shades of The Hunger Games, Battle Royale (both movies where trapped heroes are forced to kill or be killed), and You're Next (another movie where in-laws are the absolute worst).
Ready or Not might remind you most of Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, another film that turns a childhood game into something downright evil. Want more? Blumhouse and Mattel are working on a movie about an evil Magic 8 ball, which I low-key think is a great idea.
Check out the trailer below. Ready or Not hits theaters August 23.

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