The Scariest Movies Of 2018

Photo: A24/Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
Horror has long been a reaction to the things in the real world that frighten us. In 2018, there's a lot to be afraid of. But the horror genre is also something else. Sitting down and screaming over a scary movie can be, well, a pretty cathartic experience.
Of course, a movie has to actually be scary in order to provide that level of catharsis. Plenty of 2018 movies boasted big scares, but not all succeeded in making us cower for their two-hour run times. Fortunately, the films on this list did.
Would we watch some of them again? Maybe not — one can only sleep with the lights on for so long before the electric bill becomes unmanageable. But they definitely gave us the jolt that we longed for when we settled down in that theater or hit play on our TVs. Click through to read about the 2018 movies that didn't lie about their fright factor... because we're still screaming on the inside.

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