The Scariest Movies Of 2018

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Horror has long been a reaction to the things in the real world that frighten us. In 2018, there's a lot to be afraid of. But the horror genre is also something else. Sitting down and screaming over a scary movie can be, well, a pretty cathartic experience.
Of course, a movie has to actually be scary in order to provide that level of catharsis. Plenty of 2018 movies boasted big scares, but not all succeeded in making us cower for their two-hour run times. Fortunately, the films on this list did.
Would we watch some of them again? Maybe not — one can only sleep with the lights on for so long before the electric bill becomes unmanageable. But they definitely gave us the jolt that we longed for when we settled down in that theater or hit play on our TVs. Click through to read about the 2018 movies that didn't lie about their fright factor... because we're still screaming on the inside.
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A Quiet Place

It's not about what you see in A Quiet Place, but what you hear — or, rather, don't. Taking place in a world where monstrous creatures attack where they hear sound, A Quiet Place is an almost-silent movie that will make a cleverly-placed nail in the floor one of the most frightening images on screen. You might want to avoid the popcorn for this one — it's best experienced in a room as hushed as possible.
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Oh, is that an alligator with shark teeth? Sure is.

In this movie — a blend of sci-fi and horror with all of your favorite people, including Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac, and Natalie Portman — a group of scientists go to explore "Area X," a place where people are rapidly disappearing. Or are they changing? Body horror abounds in this thinky thriller.
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More of a thriller than a horror movie, Unsane (which was shot on an iPhone, providing audiences with an uncomfortable intimacy) tells the story of a woman (Claire Foy) who becomes trapped against her will in a shady mental institution. The real problem, other than being essentially kidnapped by a greedy hospital after her insurance money, is that her stalker has somehow followed her here.
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Unfriended: Dark Web

This screen-sharing movie is a sequel to 2014's Unfriended, but unlike the first, it has no supernatural elements. That might be what makes it so scary. The seemingly omnipresent internet stalker wreaking bloody havoc on the man who found his snuff films might not seem plucked from reality, but you might just ask yourself, well... what if I crossed paths with true evil on the world wide web?
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The premise of Ari Aster's feature debut is fairly simple: A woman (Toni Collette), reeling from a loss, attempts to contact her dead family member, to horrifying results. What makes Hereditary stand out from other possession movies is that the tension is unrelentless. You may not be able to catch your breath at all for the final 20 minutes, and that's to say nothing of the jaw-dropping twist that comes just around a half hour into the movie.

The less I say, the better, but prepare to be, if not screaming... very unsettled. *Cluck.*
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This sequel to the original Halloween erases all that complicated history from the later installments of the franchise and, instead, picks up 40 years after Jamie Lee Curtis' debut as Laurie. It is, ironically, the history that makes this Michael Myers tale so frightening. We know exactly what the masked man is capable of (killing babysitters in brutal fashion, for one) so when we meet his new potential victims — and worse, start to like them — it's just a waiting game to see when, and how, they'll meet their maker.
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The Endless

Two brothers return to the death cult where they were raised, only to find the place far more bizarre than they could have ever imagined. It's hard to explain this one without giving too much of the plot away, but if you ever feared reliving death over and over again (who hasn't?), this one might melt your brain.
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The Nun

In terms of which addition to the Conjuring franchise is the most frightening, it's an easy tie between evil doll Annabelle and that demon posing as a nun. Though the habit-wearing version of Valak was only added into The Conjuring 2 after reshoots (fun fact!), her presence on screen is always enough to make you jump up in your seat. Sure, the movie relies on jump scares (it even teased fans with them in surprise Youtube ads) but The Nun certainly succeeds in creating an air of unease.
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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare didn't get much love from critics, but here I am, loving it. It might not be auteur horror, but hey, a guy shoves a pen in his eye because of a game of truth or dare — and the movie makes sure that you know even worse things could happen at any moment. If you've ever seen a Final Destination movie, you know you'll spend most of it observing the character's environment for whatever it is that could (or will) kill them. That's sort of how I watched Truth or Dare. Yes, I laughed at those ridiculous Snapchat filter faces, but I also was damn scared of whatever was going to happen with that pen!
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This remake of Dario Argento's '70s classic is so disturbing, it made audience members who viewed a mere clip at CinemaCon vomit — or, at least, feel like they were going to. Star Dakota Johnson proclaimed she needed therapy after filming the movie. It doesn't hit theaters until October 26, but trust — this film will frighten you, okay?

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