Usher Got A Huge New Tattoo — & We Didn't See It Coming

Like most artists over the years, Usher's sound has changed; he's given us both the R&B bops of our childhood and the pop-music hits of our club days. But the singer hasn't been known to experiment much with his hair or other grooming choices — until recently, that is.
In the past year, Usher has dabbled in a wide variety of different hairstyles, including hair tattoos along the sides of his head, a silk-pressed coif, intricate braids, and wearing his natural hair in twists. But the ever-changing 'do isn't the most interesting of the star's recent beauty choices: His newest piece of body ink, a massive geometric drawing on the back of his head, definitely takes the cake.
Dillon Forte, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist and owner of Sri Yantra tattoo studio, posted a detailed black-and-white shot of Usher's latest tattoo to Instagram over the weekend, writing, "I had the pleasure of tattooing the legend @usher this piece was inspired by transformation, sacred geometry, and an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travelers to find their way across vast distances.✨ I’ve listened to @usher since I was about 11 years old so definitely an honor."
The large piece, which is done in all black and shows a series of geometric shapes, starts halfway at the back of Usher's head and runs all the way down through his shoulder blades. Interestingly, a separate image on Forte's Instagram shows Usher holding a stencil on his forearm that looks just like the new headpiece. Perhaps he considered that more subtle placement before eventually committing to his head-turning tat?

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