What Venus in Gemini Means For Your Summer Fling

Photo: getty Images.
Venus is moving into Gemini on Saturday, June 8, so get ready for some changes in your love life. In astrology, Venus influences our love lives, our perceptions of beauty, and our sense of expectation. With the planet of love moving into the sign of the Twins, we can expect Gemini’s chatty, expressive, energetic energy to surface in our romances.
“Venus in Gemini 2019 is a mixed bag of energy — bringing illusion and fantasy to our hearts,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. There are some pros: it’s a good time to embrace our inner wild child. “Tender Venus is in airy Gemini, allowing us all to be wild at heart and full of wonder,” Stardust says.
Of course, there are cons, too.“The caveat is that we may fall for the wrong people,” Stardust says. This is because of the position of Neptune right now. “Neptune is crashing its mystical waves along Venus, which will cause us all to trust in those who are not what they seem,” Stardust explains.
The position of Jupiter, which is currently retrograde, also plays a role in the effects of Venus in Gemini. “Jupiter retrograde will make us extra credulous and wanting to gamble on love — adding optimism to matters that will not serve our highest purpose,” Stardust says.
If all this sounds like a recipe for a disastrous summer fling, well, you may be right. However, knowledge is power, so be aware that the cutie you meet at the beach may not be as sweet as they seem. If you do find yourself caught up in a summer romance, don't neglect your friends. “It’s important we stay connected and together, and not float away in the rapture,” Stardust says.
Venus leaves Gemini on July 3, and we will come away from this period having learned some important lessons. “Making sure we can place our trust in the right people and investments will be a challenge, however, we will all come through stronger and more powerful than before with the knowledge Venus in Gemini brings,” Stardust says.

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