Here's How Relatively Nat & Liv Is Connected To The Kardashians

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There’s a new show coming to E! this summer, and if you’re a Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan, you may have already met its two stars. Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson of Relatively Nat & Liv are friends with Kim Kardashian, and appeared on a recent episode of KUWTK that helped get E! viewers introduced to them.
First, to explain a little about who Natalie and Olivia are, they’re “fashion designers and cousins” and “come from a really big family", as their Relatively Nat & Liv commercial explains. They’re also already reality stars. Both women were on WAGS LA, about the wives and girlfriends (aka WAGS) of athletes, for all three seasons that it aired. Natalie used to date Shaun Phillips, who played for the San Diego Chargers, and Olivia was on the show even though she wasn’t a “WAG” and was single. In addition to their TV fame, Olivia and Natalie are both very popular on Instagram and have the Sugar Bear Hair sponsorships that come with it. Natalie has 3.7 million followers, while Olivia has 2.6 million.
While the women are very much LA ladies now, they’re both from Vancouver, which is where their show will be based since it’s not just about them, but their families. This will include Natalie’s siblings, Joel and Stephanie, and Olivia’s siblings, Owen, Brock, and Sophia, all of whom are also already popular on Instagram. Instagram famous families: They’re a thing now.
To get back to the Kardashians, when Natalie and Olivia appeared on KUWTK, they were introduced as Kim’s friends and the three were shown going to Kim’s laser hair removal appointment and out to a meal together. The scenes felt a little odd, just because KUWTK doesn’t usually give random new characters a bunch of screen time for only one episode. But, with the new show coming out, it makes sense that E! would want more people to recognize Natalie and Olivia. Relatively Nat & Live is going to air on Sundays right after KUWTK.
While seeing the cousins on the show seemed forced, it does look like Kim really is friends with them. In June of 2018, they spent time in Wyoming together, and in November 2017, Kim tweeted about hanging out with them at her fragrance launch. More recently, both Olivia and Natalie posted about attending Kim’s baby shower for her new son, Psalm. While it doesn’t seem like Olivia and Natalie are Kim’s BFFs — they’re not Jonathan Cheban or Larsa Pippen — they do actually seem to be friends. Huh!
Now while Olivia and Natalie popped up on KUWTK, it seems unlikely that Kim will appear on Relatively Nat & Liv… well, unless they do end up filming some of the episodes in LA instead of just in Vancouver. A Kim appearance would definitely attract viewers.

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