Ikea's New Collections Were Designed With Your First Apartment In Mind

So you searched high and low, put down a deposit (first, last and a broker's fee!), and paid for the U-Haul. You'd think that after all that the worst part of moving into your first apartment is behind you, right? Think again.
Furniture is the silent killer of Gen Z saving accounts across the country. You need the comfy couch, a durable dinner table, a decent bed and mattress. Simple enough. But if you want your place to look neat and cute you're going to need storage of all sizes, side tables, coffee tables, dishes, and trays so that everything has a place. The devil is in the details. And Ikea's June collection is the holy water: items are all fun, stylish and painlessly affordable.
The friendly face giving you the eye? That's Darcel Disappoints, New Yorker, cartoon, and the brainchild of Aussie-born artist, Craig Redman of Craig and Karl. While the Darcel merch might not be the most covetable part of Ikea's Förnyad collection, we could all learn from his love of city life and benefit from the sleek and whimsical motifs of his collection.
For more mature decor accents made by an artist, turn Ikea's other June collection, Annanstans. Lumpy ceramic glazes and expressive cushions can turn your collection of budget basics into a design aesthetic.

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