How The New Cast Of Aladdin Changes Up The Original Characters (Spoiler: It's A Lot)

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Welcome to a whole new world and a whole new cast for Aladdin. Disney’s live-action remake includes all of our favorite characters from the 1992 animated classic (including a talking Iago), but also expands on some of the characters, too. We've even got a few brand new Aladdin characters as well, namely Nasim Pedrad’s Dalia, who is a handmaiden and best friend to Princess Jasmine (because the original film only featured one female character — Jasmine — so it’s about time we got at least one more woman in Agrabah).
While these new characters are in no way trying to directly copy the original (especially in the case of Will Smith taking on the role of Robin Williams’ Genie), they are breathing new life into an updated version. There are also a few instances where characters have been tweaked a little bit, but that mostly falls with the animals in the movie: Abu isn’t as human anymore, Iago isn’t as talkative, and Raja isn’t super expressive. But aside from those, everyone has the same character essence as they did in 1992. Even Carpet!
Whether you’re headed to Agrabah now or just got back from your trip, here are all the new names and faces in Aladdin, with a few reminders of the versions that preceded them.

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