HBO's Young Pope Follow-Up Just Cast The Last Person You'd Ever Expect

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Grab your cassocks, because we’re going back to the Vatican. HBO has announced casting details for its follow-up to the Young Pope miniseries, The New Pope — and it’s about as sacrilegious as you can imagine. No blasphemous rumors here, because Marilyn Manson is coming to a TV (or laptop) screen near you. Rejoice, mall goths everywhere.
Variety reports that the Antichrist Superstar (real name: Brian Warner) himself will play an as-yet unrevealed character in the New Pope, alongside Jude Law (returning as Pope Pius XIII). We don’t have many other details, but from the press photos, it’s obvious Manson’s character isn’t a far cry from the Satanic shock-rock persona he has cultivated since the ‘90s (yes, it really has been that long). In the photo, he’s wearing a shiny blood red shirt and tie with combat boots, and his usual pale makeup with shaved eyebrows. It’s the same Manson we’ve secretly loved since middle school. “The Beautiful People” is still a bop, okay?
The New Pope is bringing out some heavy-hitter talent. John Malkovich and Sharon Stone have both been cast, along with Ludivine Sagnier. Silvio Orlando will also be returning as Cardinal Angelo Voiello. While it may seem tempting to dismiss music’s Prince of Darkness as a throwaway extra, Manson actually has some acting cred to his unholy name. He has appeared in David Lynch’s Lost Highway, Californication, Eastbound & Down, and Sons of Anarchy, proving he’s no stranger to the acting world.
Still, no word on when Manson will corrupt our screens. Variety also reports that principal filming has ended, but no air date has been announced. Where are the stars now? In the pope show, apparently.

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