What The Game Of Thrones Cast Is Doing Next, Now That It's Really Over

Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images.
Warning: Spoilers about the finale episode of Game of Thrones are ahead.
It happened. The time has really come. Game of Thrones is (un)fortunately at an end, and while this season has less than stellar reviews, you can’t deny the cultural phenomenon that it’s become. And however you feel about Bran ending up on the throne, the Starks going their separate ways, and Jon pulling a sneak attack on Dany, you can't deny the Game of Thrones cast gave it their all.
These actors have not only been our Jons and Sansas for years, they've made names for themselves through their time on the show. GoT has taken up years of their lives — almost a decade — so it’s only natural to wonder do these faces, who will forever be associated with Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen or Arya Stark, go after the flames have settled. What do you do when the game of thrones is finally won and the battle is over?
Well, many things, it turns out, in the case of this varied bunch. It doesn't seem, however, that most of them are looking to retire on a beach anytime soon. Here’s a rundown of what some of their upcoming roles will be.

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