A New Reddit Theory Thinks Bran Is Behind Daenerys' Mad Queen Behavior

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There are plenty of theories swirling in the lead-up to Sunday night’s Game of Thrones series finale, but one that’s taken hold in many a fan’s imagination is that Daenerys wasn’t the one to go mad after all, but Drogon. According to a Reddit theory that’s spread like wildfire (pun intended), Drogon wasn’t in his, right mind when he burned down King’s Landing.
The theory goes that it was actually Bran Stark who was behind the shocking murder, because he warged into Drogon and killed everyone himself.
In line with the Bran Is Evil Theory, the Reddit user explained that Bran has been the most evil dude throughout the entirety of the series, and this was just his latest play. The theory explains that when Daenerys heard the bells and made the decision to hop on Drogon and wreak havoc, she was very focused on the Red Keep in order to kill Cersei.
“Dany’s eyes are LOCKED onto the Red Keep when she takes off and she’s beelining for it for quite a while,” the user wrote. “It’s only after we see the identical scene of Brans vision from an earlier season of Drogon’s shadow flying over King’s Landing that Drogon changes direction and starts lighting everyone up.”
It’s important to note, for this theory to work, that the camera then cuts away from Daenerys’ face and so it’s unclear whether or not she was reacting in shock and confusion at Drogon’s actions, or if she really had gone mad and was hell-bent on killing everyone.
The theory isn’t so far-fetched for fans who are already suspicious of Bran. His questionable relationship to the Night King has led many to speculate that he’s got some sketchy motives that haven’t quite yet been revealed (some theorists were convinced for some time that Bran was actually the Night King, but we now know that this was not the case). What kind of evil force does Bran represent?
Sunday night’s series finale will hopefully provide some answers — though, based on how the series’ last few episodes have unfolded, fans might not want to get their hopes up just yet.

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